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Organicspa offers luxurious massage treatments designed to target all skin types. Certified organic & 100% natural they are part of a series of specifically developed signature steps to ensure complete indulgence in the Organicspa experience.

Relaxation Back Massage

Focusing on areas prone to holding stress and tension, the back, neck and shoulders. This is a great alternative for when you’re short of time but in need of relief and relaxation.

30 minutes $55.00


This deeply relaxing massage uses smooth flowing movements to encourage an increase in lymphatic circulation, reduces emotional stress and minor aches and pain.

45 minutes $75.00
60 minutes $95.00
90 minutes $130.00


This treatment begins with a soothing foot soak and massage to relieve tired feet, followed by a relaxing body massage easing tired, aching muscles, tailored to suit your stage of pregnancy. Using a special pregnancy cushion and support pillows for comfort and safety. After first trimester only!

75 minutes $110.00


Beginning with a soothing foot soak and massage to relieve tired feet, followed by a relaxation massage using a blend of essential oils of your choice to help improve circulation, detoxing of the skin while providing relaxation and wellbeing.

75 minutes $110.00


Using warm stones this massage treatment is deeply warming, great for relaxation, back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia.

60 minutes $110.00
90 minutes $140.00


Reflexology promotes balance in physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the body. Stress, toxins and illness creates blockages, inhibiting the flow of energy. The blockages also manifest in the corresponding reflex points of the feet. Stimulation of the congested reflexes assist in clearing these blockages, allowing the flow of energy to be restored.

60 minutes $70.00
75 minutes $80.00 -includes soothing foot soak