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Specialised Facial Treatments

Organicspa Specialised Professional Facial Treatments offer an exclusive, active & intensive treatment, to address skin care concerns and make your skin glow! Enriched with all the finest quality certified organic ingredients & therapeutic plant extracts, they are made for those who seek the ultimate sophistication in a Facial. Whether as an individual treatment or a series of treatments, you are guaranteed to see instant & long term benefits to your skin.


For those who enjoy simple and effective targeted treatments for their skin type, Organicspa offers a selection of Classic Facial Treatments. Organicspa Classic Facial treatments are performed with our unique range of facial masks & catering for all skin types. They will make your skin shine!

30 minute $60.00
45 minute $80.00


The lactic+enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic fruit powders, the compound booster will provide a intense refining peel whilst helping increase cell turnover, smooth and resurface the top skin layers while improving skin hydration.

30 minutes $85.00


The multi-detox signature treatment is designed to purify and provide a detoxifying experience. It aims to calm and rebalance unhealthy skin. With the mask containing Kaolin, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Bentonite, the detoxifying experience aims to draw out impurities from the skins surface removing dead skin cells and promoting skin detoxification.

45 minutes $95.00


The exclusive active treatment is formulated as a two part process, the Vitamin C infused gel is designed to calm, hydrate and strengthen mature complexions and help restore a youthful radiance. The treatments active properties of vitamin C are enhanced, allowing you to receive an intense, anti-ageing treatment. The mask contains powerful antioxidants which enable your skin to repair, will give the skin radiance and aid in slowing down the ageing process.

45 minutes $95.00


Beginning with a luxurious foot-bath treatment, allow all your tension and stress to float away with a relaxing back, neck & shoulder massage followed with a classic facial treatment designed to target your individual skins needs.

90 minutes $150.00